Monday, October 7, 2013

[Iren] OMG feat Eyelure, Crystal Line & HelaMiyo

yes yes as last week i did some pics again so i can blog again during the week 
busy weekends had to recover from my sleepless days
so presenting you this week not so much from the fantasy gacha 
but stil i dont stop blogging it 
so much more time to go there and get all your favourite gachas
but now i present you from iren some hair , from crystal line a sexy leggins, 
from eyelure some amazing tops 
and from helaMiyo a lovely cube with amazing poses
so starting with Iren designs presenting you this crazy hair 
just thinking how i can see anything with that capy on  just so crazy and stil love this hair 
from eyelure i show you 2 different uppers one time the Layered Tops where it says on it Princess and think Pink , so lovely ones really 
and then the CropOff tees in 3 different colors whit different patterns 
just so cute ones you dont have to miss those 
what else hmm 
the pants or better the leggings i wear are from Crystal line
 and work together with another outfit 
but just matched this look and thats why i put those one 
and from helaMiyo got those cool Gatcha Boxes, 5 different boxes with always another pose
and best you only have to attach it no need to reez the boxes on the ground 
just amazing big thankies for those , 
what else skin from glam affair and heels from ncore 
thats it 
piccies and credits right under this
[Iren] OMG feat Eyelure, Crystal Line & HelaMiyo
Hair: [ iren ] OMG
skin: Glam Affair - Candy skin - America 06
Tees: Eyelure CropOff Tees
top: Eyelure Layered Tops - Princess & ThinkPink
pants: ((Crystal Line))Fascination Leggings
Heels: N-core COQUETTE "Black"
Cube: HelaMiyo :: The Box - Gatcha