Thursday, October 31, 2013

Eyelure feat Tameless Hair - Happy Halloween

heyas and again me 
last post for today yes it really is the last one 
One More TIME 
yes yes 
we had fun at home already some silly ones that werent able to ring at the font door 
just shot us egs on the window 
ok cool for them but noone came anymore to ring after those idiots 
as noone wanted to be said to have done this hahaha 
ok thats enough of rl 
we are in sl and my last post is from eyelure and tameless hair 
showing you from Eyelure this lovely Upper called BunnyGhost loose tank
in grey just love it with a bunny on it as the name says it 
a halloween ghost bunny giggles
also from eyelure is this  tulip skirt in grey too 
wanted to make this look a bit halloween like and thought it looks more cruel 
tho the skirt also exists in the color pink and stil as awesome as the grey one
and one more from Eyelure are those crazy  Kicks tennies in the color Candy Corn 
they are soo orange was just like OMG wooow 
really love those
The hair i wear is from tameless Hair and called Dahlia 
this time i choose the color fantasy to make them a brilliant orange color 
just love them and big thanks to Nita for this hair ( it exists also in red, green , pink ,...) 
but also in normal colors smiles
the skin is from glam affair and called neva  in the color artic 03
and the pose is from Marukin clled gaze eveerything gets better with time
lovely pose and really cheap 
thankies for reading 
ow and btw im off from friday 1 st November till sunday 3 November
but after that im back again wohooo 
short trip holiday
piccies and credits as usually
under this
Eyelure feat Tmeless Hair - Happy Halloween
Skin: -Glam Affair - Neva - Artic - 03 @ Collabor 88
Hair: Tameless Hair Dahlia - Fantasy
Shirt: Eyelure BunnyGhost Loose Tank
Skirt: Eyelure Tulip Skirt - Grey
Tennies: Eyelure Kicks Tennies - CandyCorn

Pose: (marukin) [gaze] everything gets better with time
@ Collabor 88