Monday, August 22, 2011

Miamai New release - Glady

I went on exploring sims again i love doing this lately as i find also nice spots for doing pics like that , so today i went to a romantic place i found in search and actually love the place really nice but a lot of sl beginners are there too , I dont really mind as long as they dont ask all 5 mins how does this work and where do you buy this where do you buy that , if they would ask like hey wow amazing dress where did you bought that its a different thing but no i just catch male ones hahahaha but ok fine answering this and that then and they where all happy hihih so i took on the lovely new dress from Miamai and started posing around on a spot i really really loved and so i did my pics really easy huh ?

Ok so while standing around there on my nice spot i was wearing from Miamai the new release called Glady in the color Emerald just love the color and the detail of the dress, such a lovely skirt and the upper also looks amazing with the matching Neckpiece and always added up some diamonds to it  hihi i love it ^^ ow btw you get this dress also in other amazing colors just come and check out this dress at Miamai Store.

As Updo i also choose from Miamai the NU hair in black which also has matching diamonds like the dress just lovely as hair attachment.

The skin i choose is from League , i love the plum color of the lips just amazing and  thats why i choose this color even hahaha and i really really love how I look with this skin just amazing. hmm i think i love the word amazing as often as i choose it to describe things giggles.

As earrings i choose from MUse the chinoiserie ones in green, they look like small fans and thats just really really great , the shoes are from N-core and the lashes from Glow and thats all i wear haha

so no more of me something for you the pics huuugs :

Miamai Glady Emerald 02

Miamai Glady Emerald 01

Skin: *League* Skin Medium Blonde -Amber- Plum
Updo: Miamai_Nu PLUS
Hairbase: Miamai_Hairbase Black
Lashes: [ glow ] Eyelashes - Devilicious 00 & [ glow ] eyelashes - Secret Eyes 01
Eyes: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Caribbean Blue
Earrings: ~Muse~ Chinoiserie Jade and Gold Earrings
Dress: Miamai_Glady Emerald
Heels: N-core TRESOR XtremeHeel "Pearl"

Location: Romantic Isle of Dreams