Thursday, August 25, 2011

Preview of the Farouche Tres "Androgyny" Fashion show by Vero Modero Fashion

So yes this is an official Preview of the Farouche Tres Androgyny Show which will be held this 27th August.

This is a really special show actually and a none seen till now on whole Secondlife as its an Androgyny show which means a combination of both male and female characteristics are represented in it, so boys may wear girls clothes and vice versa which is actually more then uncommon but an amazing idea, this also exists in real life fashion shows and some amazing Models in rl even look like a guy and a girl in once. What else to see then this amazing show with the Farouche Tres Modeling Agency who will present us the Styles of Vero Modero Fashion, amazing clothes, amazing styles what else then Vero Modero hihih i love the clothes really and I hope you will have a look at their amazing show on saturday evening at 2 pm slt.

Here is for you the officially Poster and invitation for this special Show :

First outfit i present you from the show is the Buio man, amazing clothes, black pants and upper with special collar and shoulders. Also amazing on this outfit the black bands on the forearms. And the bootcut cuffs on the pants , really great outfit but actually is it male now or female .... perhaps a bit of both hehehe as the show is androgyny the clothes are too will be really curious how the Farouchte Tres agency will present this outfit on Saturday so here is my way of presenting it  ^^

Vero Modero Buio Man 02

Ow btw the Shoes are by Toky. Girl called Pikadori Sayo and the Hairstyle is by Exile called Micah in black

Tokyo.Girl Pikadori Sayo

Next Outfit I present you from the Show is the Night Crow Jewel, this is a really amazing outfit, with a special eyecatcher and you will really quick understand why , it has an amazing jewelery Fur , thats an eyecatcher but really so lovely in detail, and looking so amazing. Also the pants are relly special as they have a snake texture on it  that makes the look hot hmmm i love it.  To make up this look i added from Miamai the Weight Boots and as hair I choose from Vanity Hair the Gala ones.

Ow and as Earrings I choose from CoLL some soft blue ones called Gillian's Anguish ^_^

.:CoLL:. Gillian's Anguish Earrings

Styling Card 1:

Skin: -Glam Affair- Eva- Tan - 12
Hair: Exile Micah/ Blacks
Hairbase: Miamai_Hairbase Black
Eyes: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Caribbean Blue
Lashes: [ glow ] eyelashes - Secret Eyes 01 & [ glow ] Eyelashes - Devilicious 00
Clothes: VERO MODERO / Buio Man
Shoes: Footwear Pikadori Sayo

Poses: Miamai_Model Pose_Editorial
           Miamai_Model Pose_Smashing

Styling Card 2:

Skin: -Glam Affair- Eva- Tan - 12
Hair: Vanity Hair::Gala HP blacks
Hairbase: Vanity hair base Noir (darker)
Eyes: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Caribbean Blue
Lashes: [ glow ] eyelashes - Secret Eyes 01 & [ glow ] Eyelashes - Devilicious 00
Earrings: .:CoLL:. Gillian's Anguish Earrings
Nails: Finesmith Nails black
Clothes: VERO MODERO / Night Crow Jewel
Boots: Miamai_[BlackLabel]_Weight Boots

Poses: Miamai_Model Pose_Editorial